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“Beat anxiety, depression, phobias (including emetophobia), fears, stress, OCD, weight issues, addictions and much more in just a few weeks!”

The Thrive Programme® is a life-changing, evidence-based training programme suitable for adults and children.


Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands

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About The Thrive Programme®

The Thrive Programme® is an evidence-based training programme that gives people the skills and resources to overcome mental health issues and learn to Thrive. It is has proved to be successful with a huge range of conditions and problems including anxiety, depression, phobias (including emetophobia), OCD, stress, low self-esteem, social anxiety, weight issues, smoking, addictions and much more.

Created by Rob Kelly – a therapist with over thirty years clinical experience – and a team of researchers based at Cambridge University.

Going through the programme will teach you how your beliefs and thinking styles are causing your symptoms and problems in life. After your training is complete, you will have all the skills and understanding you need to effectively manage your thinking in any situation. You will know how to Thrive in just about any situation.

The sessions run alongside The Thrive Programme® official workbook which includes references to the evidence based research which supports the programme.


New! Client Portal

When a course of The Thrive Programme is booked with myself, not only will you receive your weekly one-to-one sessions, but also access to the Client Portal, which includes access to additional resources and support videos to guide you through the Programme easily and effectively. As you will receive unlimited, anytime access to the portal from all your devices, there will be continuous support as you go through The Thrive Programme. 

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About Amanda Willdig

I am a licensed Thrive Programme Coach ® based in Streetly, Sutton Coldfield. I also offer a successful Skype service for clients who live further afield.

I have had a rewarding career in education for many years and have had the privilege of teaching many children from a range of cultural, social and economic backgrounds across all age groups. During my previous career as a police officer I also gained valuable life skills and insights. Such experiences have enabled me to enhance and complement my role as a Thrive Programme Coach ®.

I am enthusiastic and passionate about helping both adults and young people to not only overcome obstacles that are holding them back, but to empower them to thrive in all areas of their lives. I understand the impact that our thoughts, feelings and behaviours can have on our everyday life, having had the personal experience of my daughter struggling to cope in life due to her extreme anxiety. She successfully completed The Thrive Programme® and overcame her symptoms… So I do know that Thrive will also work for you!

My Daughter overcomes her Emetophobia!

Thrive via Skype

Thrive is now available via Skype. Location is no longer a limiting factor!

Thrive via Skype is a fantastic way of allowing my clients who have difficulty in coming to see me at  my office in Sutton Coldfield to still go through The Thrive Programme® face to face.

These sessions allow you to fit in around your lifestyle, childcare issues or work commitments in the comfort of your own home at a time we can arrange which is mutually convenient for us both.

This is a convenient way to complete the programme and you are not restricted to any particular geographical area in order to work with me.

I have taken many people successfully through The Thrive Programme® via Skype and find them just as enjoyable and rewarding as office based sessions.

Group Talks

I offer mental health group talks. These talks cover elements of The Thrive Programme® that can affect anyone such as anxiety, stress and low self-esteem. The talks are usually about an hour but can be adapted depending on the need of the organisation or the group booking. Participants will gain valuable insights and knowledge into the way they currently think and behave; they are then given strategies and techniques to improve their thinking and coping skills. These talks have become very popular and the feedback received indicates that the sessions are informative, enjoyable and useful. Please get in touch if you would like to know more.