About Amanda Willdig

About Amanda WilldigI am a licensed Thrive Consultant ® based in Streetly, Sutton Coldfield. I also offer a successful Skype service for clients who live further afield.

I have had a rewarding career in education for many years and have had the privilege of teaching many children from a range of cultural, social and economic backgrounds across all age groups. During my previous career as a police officer I also gained valuable life skills and insights. Such experiences have enabled me to enhance and complement my role as a Thrive Consultant ®.

I am enthusiastic and passionate about helping both adults and young people to not only overcome obstacles that are holding them back, but to empower them to thrive in all areas of their lives. I understand the impact that our thoughts, feelings and behaviours can have on our everyday life, having had the personal experience of my daughter struggling to cope in life. She successfully completed The Thrive Programme® and so I do know that Thrive will also work for you!

My daughter cures her Emetophobia!

“My OWN daughter successfully went through The Thrive Programme® to completely cure her emetophobia which she had for a number of years.

At its worst, the extreme ansxiety caused by her emetophobia completely stopped her leading a normal life – she could not attend school, her eating and drinking were seriously affected and she would pace around the house at night, unable to sit or lie down for fear of being sick.

After 6 sessions of Thrive she was back in full time education, back in control of her life and positively thriving.

She has even been sic since and handled it well, I am passionate and enthusiastic to help others beat this awful and all-encompassing phobia once and for all.”

You will find my sessions supportive, engaging, non-judgemental and fun! Although sessions will be structured, I will also individually tailor them to ensure that, together, we achieve all your desired outcomes in an informal and interactive manner. Through your effort and commitment to this programme you will be able to live your life to the full by overcoming the difficulties holding you back, achieving your goals and Thriving in life!

You can be assured that confidentiality and The Thrive Programme® code of ethics is adhered to at all times, as a Thrive Consultant ® I am bound by the ATPC Code of Conduct and Ethics. I serve areas including Birmingham and The West Midlands; I can also offer The Thrive Programme® via Skype!

Two Years On

It has now been 2 years since Molly went through The Thrive Programme® – that is 2 years free of emetophobia and anxiety. Well done Molly, we are very proud of you. Read more by clicking the image below.


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