Cure Your Emetophobia and Thrive

Emetophobia is a severe and debilitating fear of being sick or seeing others be sick. Research shows it is in fact one of the most common phobias affecting approximately 8.8% of the population although few people are aware of the condition.

Sufferers may be unable to leave home if there are tummy bugs going around and will

avoid family and friends who have an illness. They are often very careful about food preparation, taking excessive care to check use by dates and to ensure food is cooked properly. Many will avoid eating out, drinking alcohol, having injections, getting pregnant and more – all for fear of being sick! Emetophobia can significantly affect every aspect of a sufferer’s life as they often go to great
lengths to avoid encountering anything that could lead to vomiting. This causes constant high levels of stress, anxiety and exhaustion for them and they can feel very powerless in relation to their phobia and feel completely unable to control their fear.


Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands

Cure Your Emetophobia and Thrive is part of The Thrive Programme® and studies have proved it to be the most successful treatment for emetophobia there is.

It teaches sufferers how to take control of their lives by helping them change the way they think and feel about situations that are linked to being sick

The techniques are clear and simple and I will guide you through the programme step by step. I will teach you how you created the phobia and understand why your current unhelpful thinking styles are maintaining your belief system around your emetophobia. You will learn how to develop helpful beliefs, thinking styles and be shown the psychological tools to finally be free of emetophobia for good and THRIVE!

My daughter cures her Emetophobia!

“My OWN daughter successfully went through The Thrive Programme® to completely cure her emetophobia which she had for a number of years.

At its worst, the extreme ansxiety caused by her emetophobia completely stopped her leading a normal life – she could not attend school, her eating and drinking were seriously affected and she would pace around the house at night, unable to sit or lie down for fear of being sick.

After 6 sessions of Thrive she was back in full time education, back in control of her life and positively thriving.

She has even been sick since and handled it well, I am passionate and enthusiastic to help others beat this awful and all-encompassing phobia once and for all.”

Rob Kelly, author and creator of The Thrive Programme®, introduced the first National Emetophobia  Awareness Day in March 2014.  The full 80-minute presentation can be seen above, to the right.

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