Thrive FAQs

FAQs about The Thrive Programme® with Amanda Willdig. Questions asked by people like yourself.

Who is it for?

The Thrive Programme® is designed for anyone of any age who wants to take back control of their life.  As long you are motivated to change and capable of understanding and applying the programme you will benefit from it.

Is it suitable for children?

Yes, definitely. It is important that parents/ carers are very involved and thoroughly understand the programme themselves so that they are able to continue to support and motivate their child to apply the programme between sessions.

How does The Thrive Programme® work?

Thrive is a structured, easy to follow training programme that involves you really getting to understand:
– How YOU create fears and anxieties and symptoms – and how to free yourself of them.
– What makes you tick, what limiting beliefs you may have, and the specific ‘thinking styles’ you adopt.
– The ‘Psychological Foundations’ that dictate how you lead your life: your self-esteem and Sense of Control.
– How much power you believe you have to make changes in your life,  how in control you feel. Learn how your desire for control means you avoid many situations…and how to regain that control.
– How your self-esteem can be changed in just two weeks, and the huge knock-on effect this will have upon you.
– How to banish social anxiety and feel confident around others.

How many sessions will I need?

Most people need an average number of 6-8 weekly sessions to complete the full Thrive Programme.

How long is each session?

Sessions normally take place on a weekly basis, and each session lasts for about 60 – 75 minutes, although earlier sessions maybe a little longer.

How much effort do I need to put in?

You need to engage in the session and be as open as you can. I will use content from the book as well as supplementary materials and resources to ensure you fully understand and embed all the key elements of The Thrive Programme®. After each session, I will give you specific chapters from the Thrive book to read as homework in preparation for our next session as well as certain quizzes and exercises. It is a very informative and interactive book and I know you will find it a fascinating and easy read. Generally, apply your knowledge from our sessions and the book to your everyday life as much as possible.

How does The Thrive Programme® differ from Hypnotherapy?

The appeal of hypnotherapy is entirely understandable. When our symptoms or worries feel overwhelming, who wouldn’t want to ‘be put to sleep’ to wake up with these completely resolved. This can be the case when the client has a minor symptom or limiting belief, and hypnosis is all they need to get over a small blip in their life.

However, all symptoms are a direct result of our thinking. Whether its anxiety disorders, OCD, fears and phobias, depression, BPAD, social anxiety, to name a few. Therefore a more empowering approach, is to look at and deal with the thinking creating the symptoms. Hypnosis does work on suggesting new thinking patterns. But without examining our psychological foundations behind that thinking, we run the risk of any progress being a temporary measure. Basically, Thrive goes back further than looking at thinking and symptoms. Our psychological foundations are key whether it’s our sense of power and control in our life or self-esteem. Once these have been explored and strengthened, our thinking alters and a lot of our symptoms are no longer created. This isn’t hard to change. Thrive teaches you why you react the way you do, and how to alter that. If you understand this about yourself, and how to fix it, you’re more lightly to put the effort in to change. The result is stable, predictable change, which hypnotherapy cannot necessarily provide.

How does The Thrive Programme® differ from Counselling?

Counselling can be helpful if you wish to talk through, or offload a problem.  Sometimes speaking with a complete stranger, granted a professional stranger, can be beneficial without running the risk of worrying loved ones. However, the upside of this is that you may find yourself dredging up old ground, and creating negative emotions with no real answers or skills on how to change your life in the present.

Sometimes when people feel powerless to change the current life they are unhappy with, they think going back to the past will help resolve the present. It may give the person more insight into why they behaved the way they did, but it still doesn’t give them the skills and empowerment to make changes in the present. Working on our current psychological foundations, will help the here and now. Research has also shown that memory recall can vary, depending on how we wish to view ourselves in the present.

With Thrive, the focus is upon your thoughts TODAY. We are looking at the processes by which anxiety and symptoms are created: HOW you think about things, rather than the content. This explains why some days’ people may have their symptom and other days they do not – their lives may not have changed but their thinking has.  The HERE and NOW are key.

How does The Thrive Programme® differ from CBT or NLP?

Many clients have already tried CBT and NLP by the time they head to me. These therapies focus on managing and living with symptoms and problems. With Thrive 90% of the programme is about why you think the way you do, and what limiting beliefs you hold, and how these two components are holding you back and creating your symptoms. If you understand why you are creating issues and how to stop doing so, you put the effort into empowering yourself to change. Think of CBT and NLP as teaching you fire-fighting techniques, whilst Thrive teaches you how not to create fires in the first place. Thrive is a training programme and not therapy. It is not about someone else doing something for you or to you, but about YOU taking control of your life. It is so much more empowering to take control of your own problems, rather than someone else resolving them for you.

How much does The Thrive Programme® cost?

Initial Consultation

I offer a free no -obligation initial consultation to all my clients lasting up to 45 minutes. This is an informal chat so you can find out more about The Thrive Programme and ask questions you may have in complete confidence. This can be at my office in Streetly, Sutton Coldfield or via Skype.

The Thrive Programme®

A full course of The Thrive Programme is £795, there are frequent offers available – please get in touch to find out more.

The full course includes:

  • Complementary initial consultation
  • The Thrive Programme Workbook and Thrive daily journal
  • 6-8 sessions (60 – 75 mins per session) plus a follow-up session a few weeks after completion
  • Additional hand-outs, diagrams etc
  • Access to our revolutionary online assessments which provide essential insight into your beliefs and thinking
  • Fascinating and enlightening support videos from Rob Kelly throughout the programme to enhance your learning
  • Additional support in between sessions via email or phone if required
  • Follow-up support after completion to ensure you are still Thriving!

If you are unable to pay the full cost up front, payment options are available to pay in separate instalments. The Thrive Programme can be delivered by Skype.

Fly Happy

A three session programme to help you beat your flying phobia quickly and easily. Take back control over your thinking and emotions and enjoy flying.  Includes Rob Kelly’s ‘Fly Happy’ book. £395 (3 x 75 mins sessions)

Thrive as a Non Smoker

The Thrive Programme® for Smokers takes 2 sessions to complete on a one-to-one basis, either face-to-face or via Skype.

Highly successful, two session programme, includes the fantastic ‘Thrive as a non-smoker’ book. £295.

How to Pay

Payment can be made by cash, cheque, PayPal, credit and debit card and bank transfer.


Please give 24 hours notice if you are unable to attend your appointment for a session or consultation. Cancellations after this will be subject to full payment for the session, or a £25 fee for consultations.

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