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Thrive via Skype

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Lets face it, life is busy. Prior commitments and busy schedules can make it nearly impossible to dedicate some time just for you without taking time of work, cancelling the gym or arranging child-care. Now you can complete The Thrive Programme® via Skype, this effective way to deliver the programme reduces travel times and means that it can be completed wherever you are, allowing it to fit into your busy schedule!

Thrive via Skype allows you to contact me to arrange appointments at a time which is mutually convenient for us both, and you are not necessarily limited by office hours, which allows the programme to fit in with your hectic schedules – meaning that anybody can Thrive!


The Thrive Programme® is a UK based organisation, and with consultants scattered around the country, sometimes you are out of reach without significant travel. Thrive via Skype fixes this issue, as you can pick any Thrive Consultant and complete The Thrive Programme® with them!

This is a convenient way to complete the programme and you are not restricted to any particular geographical area in order to work with me.

You are no longer forced to chose your local consultant, you can now pick any licensed consultant and book your free consultation prior to making commitments. Choosing the right consultant is vital,  as they will be helping you through this process of change. Whether we sit face-to-face or via Skype, I am dedicated to teaching you how to Thrive!


Thrive via Skype is equally as successful as The Thrive Programme® being delivered face-to-face. Sometimes, this can be even more successful as there is no rushing, and you are in a comfortable location. The Programme is not adapted in any way, shape or form when delivered via Skype – the only difference being that you provide the appropriate books.

I have taken many people successfully through The Thrive Programme® via Skype and find them just as enjoyable and rewarding as office based sessions.

Free Consultation!

I am happy to offer free consultation for all potential clients, whether this be face-to-face or via Skype. Simply contact me on through Skype, Email, Text or Phone and we can arrange this. During this session we can discuss any questions you may have, and whether the programme is suitable for yourself – we can also discuss which Thrive manuals you will need.

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