Thanks so much for all your help.  I can’t believe how much ???? has improved.  I know that you said all along that this would happen, but I am pleasantly surprised at the difference it has made!
I’ll make sure that ???? keeps going with the programme.
It has been such a pleasure working with you and we will spread the word about your great work.!
Private Name

“Thank you so very much! We are on a high, pleased and proud of how far we’ve come!!

Can’t thank you enough for taking us through the programme it has transformed our lives. When I think back to how hard our situation had got…. I felt like I had utterly failed my daughter and was totally lost as to how to get her (& myself) back on track. I’m still so amazed at how fast the change/progress has happened. I feel relieved, lighter and much more capable of coping during difficult times.”

Mother & Daughter

“THRIVE has enabled me to change my life. If you are reading this and wondering whether THRIVE could help you – stop wondering and give it a go – what have you got to lose? The initial consultation is free and you could, like me, find that it is the single best half an hour you have spent. I was incredibly cynical (particularly when reading gushing praise like this for the THRIVE programme) that a 6 week training course could undo 45 years of self sabotaging behaviour – but I can honestly say it has and even if you don’t believe it – give it a go. I now feel that I am in a world where there are two types of people – those who know (those who have been through THRIVE) and those who don’t (those yet to find THRIVE) – it’s like a secret society where we can each find our own path to happiness – the great news is that ANYONE can join.

I see people everywhere who could benefit from a bit of THRIVE – I have to restrain myself from becoming a THRIVE evangelist. This programme should be on the NHS and a compulsory part of the National Curriculum for all young people – how fabulous it would be if everyone had these simple tools from an early age and were given instructions on how to use them – but it is never too late.

Since my teens I had been stuck in a cycle of losing weight and then putting weight back on with interest. I was very unhappy. I was able to work (and create lots of anxiety and stress about it) and had a loving and supportive husband but I was increasingly withdrawing from everything, not going out unless I had to, using food as a “comfort”, making every excuse to not exercise or see friends, using more and more elaborate ways to avoid even the shortest of walks and limiting my activities – even ones that I had enjoyed. My eating was out of control & fitness levels were very low – everything hurt and I would become out of breath very quickly and struggled to walk to the post box. I could see only a bleak future ahead. I hated myself and what I had become. I had reached a crossroads again – over the years I had tried many things to try to get out of this cycle – medication, CBT, counselling, Weight Watchers and, whilst some of these would work for a period of time, none of them provided a lifelong solution and soon enough I had reverted to my previous behaviour – only now I felt even worse about myself because I had “failed” again. Then I would spend many months beating myself up (and secret eating) before trying again. This time I happened to see a post on Facebook about THRIVE with Amanda and decided that rather than doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome I would explore the THRIVE approach. It was an excellent decision and the first step in taking responsibility for my own outcomes.

Amanda and the THRIVE programme have provided me with the tools and helped me find a pathway to follow. If you are prepared to put in the effort then you will achieve the outcome you want. It is not always comfortable but it is possible. I feel like the scales have fallen from my eyes (dramatic I know) and I can finally (after 45 years) see that change is not hard – it is just uncomfortable and once you commit and accept that uncomfortable is OK then EVERYTHING is possible. I also realise that the past and the future are not what’s important – only now is important – what I do now. I have lost weight over the past few months but this is no longer my significant focus – I rejoice in the fact that I am now going swimming and for walks in the park with my husband and I am training to do my marathon – 5km Race for Life in a few months time. I have a two weekly challenge chart where I set goals for THRIVE activity, health and fitness and this helps me to keep focussed. Importantly though – there may be some days where I don’t do all of the things on the plan – but I now know that that is OK because overall I am moving in the right direction. This is a huge change for me. I go to social events and rather than worrying what to wear or what people will think of me I concentrate on enjoying the occasion. People who love me have also seen a change in my behaviour and thinking. I know that I am not going to be a size 12 any time soon but while I am working towards that it is not going to define me. As time goes on I continue to see the benefits – I have just returned from a week in Cornwall and I am really proud of the fact that I went on a couple of coastal walks with my husband – steep hills included. Even a few weeks ago I might have shied away from this challenge but it felt great to be doing stuff with my husband that I had restricted from our lives for so long.

I am responsible for my own outcomes and now I have all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle which enables me to just get on with it. Thanks Amanda for helping me to navigate my way to happiness. I just need to keep doing what I am doing.” Anonymous

Low Self-Esteem and Weight Issues

“I have suffered with depression for close to twenty years and it has ruled my life.  It made me a paranoid, obsessive brooding person that constantly worried about what others thought of me as a person and my appearance.  I constantly felt down, sad, unlucky and hard done by.  Depression got in the way of me living my life and trying new things, going to new places and meeting new people.  It made me always focus on the negatives rather than the positives in my life.  I learnt about the thrive programme and how it has helped so many other people and decided I didn’t want my life to continue being controlled by depression so contacted Amanda.

 Thrive has turned my life around , I no longer brood and worry about things that have happened or future events that I have no control of.  Thrive has given me the tools and strategies to be able to let things go and live in the moment.  I am no longer a people pleaser and now do things that keep me happy without worrying what others may think.  I have also learnt how to recognise negative thoughts and use the tools and techniques taught to me in the thrive programme to focus and recognise the positive thoughts and feelings. I am so much happier  and have been given the tools to recognise the positives in my life, this has made me a more relaxed person who is able to let a lot more go but also deal with confrontational situations without feeling guilty about challenging the issue and having my say. Thanks Amanda for everything.” Simone


“I took my son to see Amanda after he was suffering with what we now know to be Emetophobia, and I had  seen how well her daughter had done using the Thrive Programme. My child was suffering with an overwhelming worry about being sick after eating then travelling in a car, amongst other anxieties and constant worries about the world, family and their own health. Even though they are one of the healthiest children I know!

After the first session he was eating his sandwich in the car on the way back! He was so proud of himself and  so was I, as he hadn’t done that for about 2 years without worrying about being sick.

The sessions were informative, interesting and easy for him to understand. He has realised that he is in control of himself and has the power to change the way he thinks.

He doesn’t mention about worrying about being sick, he recognises how to use the techniques he has been taught and is much happier. So we would just like to say a big thank you Mandy and the Thrive programme. I’d highly recommend Mandy and the Thrive programme to everyone as it will help any type of cognitive related issue.” Michelle

Child with Emetophobia

“I started having panic attacks at the age of 21 and it totally changed my life. I became dependant on my Father who was always there to scrape me off the ceiling when I felt I was spiralling out of control. I became scared of being too far from him as “what if” I had a panic attack. I also didn’t like any situation where I felt I could get stuck and not be able to get home. This included lifts, motorways, dual carriageways and basically going anywhere that I didn’t know the way home or didn’t know where I was. The thought of being out of control terrified me! Over the years with the help of my doctor I have tried a Physicologist, counselling, relaxation therapy, group therapy and CBT. I have also done an expensive course of Hypnotherapy. As the years when by I started to widen my safety circle, so that I didn’t just rely on my Father, I also relied on my sister and my husband. I decided that I would never change and that this is just me, so I lived in meh comfort zone, only going where I know I felt comfortable and wouldn’t even contemplate going anywhere else, as I had decided this was my lot. Whilst I thought by making this decision I was now in control, the truth is I was only living half a life. My friends and family had stopped inviting me places and if they did it was all very awkward, as they would be unsure what they could suggest without me getting upset an danxious. When I heard of my daughters friend doing Thrive and what a positive effect it had on her life, I decided I would give it a try, as ultimately I have nothing to lose. I contacted Mandy and we set up some meetings. By the second meeting I was in tears! Everything she explained to me made so much sense it was like waking rip from th coma I had put myself in! I am not saying that was easy and I have had to accept some home truths, but it gave me the confidence in myself to step out of my comfort zone. I wrote some goals when I first started, things like spending a day not knowing where my safe people were, driving through a busy set of traffic lights on my own, going to a roller disco 25 miles away and taking a holiday in Blackpool with my Ballroom dancing group. I smashed all the goals in a short amount of time. Friends and family have been so supportive and happy for me as I am starting a new awakening within myself! As I have said before its not easy and it has taken dedication and focus, but Mandy has been amazing and has been there with me every step of the way, helping me challenge my thinking and helping me to believe in myself. I have come so far, but I am still working at it, because this is not a quick fix, this is life changing! I cannot thank Mandy enough for all she has done and for helping give me my life back beyond the comfort zone! “ Emelia

Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Further Testimonials

…After years of wondering why l was so negative and had very low self esteem, rarely having truly happy times, I decided to try the Thrive way. I am so glad l did, as it has allowed me to understand my thought patterns and change them to not only positive ones, but action them too. Now l feel so happy and know l can do anything l want to – l am Thriving! Paul

…sleeping was a real issue for me, I had tried a number of well-known remedies but none had worked. Over just this short period of time not only did my sleeping vastly improve, but my self-esteem grew, I had a lot less social anxiety and I was generally a lot happier, more positive and felt more in control of my own life… I have noticed a big change in myself since starting Thrive, and I know these changes will not be short lived. I am incredibly thankful to both Claire and the Thrive Programme for what they have done for me, and I am thrilled to say that I now have a ‘Thrive attitude’!

…I found the program extremely useful to help develop an understanding of the way I think and perceive things around me, particularly with regards to self esteem and the locus of control/need for external validation. The Thrive Programme is extremely clear and having Fiona to guide me through the various exercises and help challenge some very ingrained ways of thinking was an excellent combination. Helena

…I got my self confidence back. Started to do things which I was afraid to do before (to make a phone call to strangers or ask someone to meet up). Now depression is in the past for me, I am loosing weight and every single day I am stepping out of my comfort zone and enjoying my new life with more confidence, joy and knowledge that I build my life as I want it to be and that I am making my own happiness.

…Being able to recognise how you are thinking and feeling is probably one of the most important things you can learn in life and has helped me not only overcome the depression I felt last year but also to deal with various situations in the future. I would highly recommend to anyone suffering addiction, depression, anxiety and low self confidence as well as phobias. There are a lot of trashy ‘self help’ books out there but this one really is ‘the real deal’.

My anxiety was at an all time high and confidence at an all time low. With Sarah’s insight, she helped me realise how my unhelpful thinking was at the root of my issues. She took me through The Thrive programme and it was done at a pace to suit me – with lots of encouragement, plenty of support through the blips and some laughs along the way. My confidence has improved dramatically, I barely blush now and generally feel much more relaxed.

I had experienced serious depression and a considerable degree of social anxiety for as long as I can remember… all that has changed in a matter of weeks… I am facing my future, even my present, for the first time in years, with energy, zeal and optimism. The change is remarkable and I can not thank Helen enough, or recommend the programme more strongly. The progress I made was real and quantifiable. THRIVE is a winning formula to a happier future.

…I had suffered from anxiety and sleeplessness… at the end of the programme I felt much more confident and in control, able to sleep well at night without sleeping tablets and was also able to stop the anti-depressants I had been on for years. I am no longer scared to voice my opinion or stick up for myself, which in turn has actually led me to have much better relationships with my husband, friends, family and work colleagues. I will be eternally grateful to Stephen for helping me to change my life, and would recommend anyone with self-esteem or confidence issues to give the ‘Thrive’ programme a go. Rachael.

 …within them six weeks I felt a miraculous change within myself which helped all aspects of my life. It not only made me feel more confident and in control of life, I also found it reduced my stress levels and increased my self-esteem dramatically. So far it has enabled me to see life in a completely different light. Consequently, I can therefore say that I am actually ‘thriving’ and not just surviving. Natalie.

Life Changing!!!!!! I had been creating anxiety on and off for many years and was at an all time low… within a week I started feeling confident that I could change my beliefs. This progress continued… I can honestly say I feel like a different person. I would recommend this program to anyone with problems that prevent them from leading the life they want to lead… I will never encounter the same limiting beliefs that I had when I first met Jane ever again. Thank you so much. – A. Miller

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